Benny's Story

In addition to raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer, Scott wants to raise attention on the disease of schizophrenia. 

In 2021 Scott’s son Ben died by suicide. Scott and his family were crushed; they had no idea Ben was hurting. He was 24 years young. After he died the family learned he was suffering from this disease and had stopped taking his meds. Ben was always a little socially awkward and different but had shown no signs of this disease to his family or even a psychologist his family had taken him to. The family does not know why he stopped taking the medications, but they speculate it is because of the bad side effects of the meds. More attention and better medications are needed for this disease. The family encourages you to choose a mental health program and support it, with the hope that in time tragedies like this one can be avoided.  


Click here to donate to the Schizophrenia and Psychosis Action Alliance.