Scott Freitag is biking 11,000 miles to honor the life he has been given, and his son Benny’s life. Scott has stage 4 prostate cancer and lost his son Benny when Scott was going through chemotherapy. (see story)   Katy supports him along the way, on posts on Facebook and keeps a weekly blog.  Below are the two charities we are supporting to raise funds and awareness: Zero Prostate Cancer and the Schizophrenia & Psychosis Action Alliance. Thank you for your support!  




SCOTT IN THE NEWS:  Biking across the US to raise awareness of prostate cancer and schizophrenia


I am thankful to have survived aggressive prostate cancer for 5 years.  I've gone through surgery to have my prostate removed, and multiple follow-up treatments to continue to 'beat-back' the cancer. My wife Katy has stood by me throughout as my loudest cheerleader, at times cheering from the car during treatment due to COVID protocols. It's been a journey.  To see my full story, click here.

My message is this: do not wait to get your PSA test done.  It's a simple  blood test.  Men, get tested, even in your 50s or earlier if you have a family history of prostate cancer.  Women, encourage your men to get tested.   Prostate cancer is usually slow growing, and men die WITH it not OF it.  But in the event that you happen to have the aggressive type, like me, you could get to the point of still "feeling well" with no symptoms and yet have cancer metastasized throughout your body... at which point it becomes much more challenging to treat.    

I am grateful for great medical care, from Dr Feia HCMC, Dr Stish, and now Dr Kwon of Mayo.  I am also very thankful for my family and friends who are a great support to me in this journey.  The verse Katy and I both repeat, regularly, is that " I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me." 

I am now retired and pursuing my next challenge, to cycle around all the exterior states as a fundraiser for prostate cancer and to raise awareness.  I also want to show by example that you can live a full life with stage four cancer.      

Thank you to Giant Bicycles for sponsoring Scott and Miles For Money!